Trade Show and Event Marketing


With the current spike of marketing opportunities via on-line networks, we are constantly asked by clients, “How is the trade show business? Are businesses also investing in event marketing and promotion?” Our response is that face-to-face marketing is still as strong as ever. It really is essential to keep in mind that personal relationships and networking still hold a place outside of Facebook and Twitter. For many businesses, participating in trade shows and conventions is a vital part of a multi-channel marketing strategy. So what do we see going on in the world of face to face marketing? Glad you asked!

  1. Companies are choosing wisely. There are still scores of opportunities out there, and companies are picking through these to ensure that their investment of time and expense delivers. The focus here is on quality, not quantity – by removing the shotgun approach when deciding what to attend, and ensuring that their best people are on the floor, companies are looking at ROI much more.
  2. Attendees want real information. Similarly, event attendees are looking for solid information and substance, not 2 days of sales pitches. Stand out and maintain top-of-mind by delivering engaging, interactive displays, innovative product exhibits, and unique & valuable information.
  3. Businesses are attending more shows. But the trend is towards smaller show footprints, smaller exhibits, and more specialized events.
  4. Dynamic, interactive displays. At the minimum, consider adding an audio/visual element to your exhibit environment. Don’t go for glitz and discard substance, but remember that engaging your audience and delivering your message may best be accomplished through an innovative custom trade show display or adding interactive components to your exhibit.
  5. The bar has been raised for event & trade show organizers. As companies and attendees become ever more selective when deciding which events to attend, organizers have responded by harnessing the power of social media. With relatively low costs and potentially high returns, social networks and virtual trade shows are a great channel for bringing in qualified attendees.
  6. Concise, powerful branding. Your brand and message have to make an impact in an increasingly short amount of time. This forces marketers to ensure that their communications are short, simple and powerful – again, raising the bar for how companies reach their audience.

The Graham Marketing Group has years of experience planning Trade Shows and Event Marketing opportunities. Let us help you create a successful plan for your next business event.

Pop up banners
for trade show fairs and exhibition

Pop up displays are very popular for trade shows and exhibitions where you end up with just a few seconds to represent your brand to potential consumers. It also reduces your time and work because you can display all your products or services on one banner with high quality digital printed color very effectively. This can allow you to focus on the customer instead of your sales pitch in busy environments. We work with several great companies and can help you design and print your next banner.

Roll up banners and displays

Roll up banners are extremely popular for indoor and outdoor marketing. If you are searching for quick, easy and effective display products, which can create great influence, then you should consider roll up banners. These marketing pieces are particularly effective if you are traveling to different locations, as they are portable and lightweight.