RSVP Direct Mail

“The Postcard People-Direct Mail to the Upscale”

Direct mail marketing is one of the most vital marketing campaigns for any business and The Graham Marketing Group offers proven direct mailing strategies.

Gain an advantage over your competitors by using our strategic design, list and marketing techniques to reach your target audience and increase your bottom line.


We help you analyze results and statistics from your direct mail campaigns often with our exclusive measuring system of Call Tracking. Several products are tops on our list:

The RSVP Postcard Deck

RSVP Direct Mail
The RSVP Postcard Deck is a targeted…homeowner only…cooperative mailer that is available in over 100 U.S. markets. The core definition of this quarterly mailer is it uses the 75/25 rule. It targets the 25% who do 75% of the disposable spending…better known as the “Mass Affluent.” Frankly—most businesses waste money trying to get attention from those who simply can’t afford to buy or use their product! The best news of all? This campaign can be done for 7 cents or less per home for targeted, proven results! Try to mail anything today for less than 32 cents—first class rates are nearly 50 cents and that doesn’t include lists…printing costs…design, etc. RSVP includes all these extra costs in one bottom line price—again at 7 cents or less if someone is willing to commit to multiple mailings or products. For more information visit

Solo Card Mailings: Radius Geographic Demographic etc

We’ll help you design a campaign that focuses on your specific target areas. We are experts at obtaining mailing lists that will deliver the customers you want, when you want them and as often as you want to reach them. You have complete control of your direct mail advertising. Click on the samples of 6×9 and 4×6 cards.

RSVP New Homeowner Monthly Mailings

The “New Homeowner” is a favorite target for business owners and why wouldn’t they be? Whether they are moving from across the city or across the country, they tend to spend 3 times as much as those who haven’t recently moved. We created a very affordable, attractive, 4 fold-out, 14 space mailer that lands in the mailbox of the area’s newest homeowners on a monthly basis. You’ll be the first to reach this new group who generally have few product and service loyalties and are searching to set-up many of these areas in their new home. New carpet…window treatments…landscaping…pest control…swimming pool…a new kitchen or bath…security systems, etc. Click on the images below.