The Graham Marketing Group

We are a communications resource that provides real solutions for our clients in the areas of advertising and marketing. Our full-service approach encourages time spent in pre-marketing discussions considering products, services, positioning and sales strategies. With 31 years of experience, The Graham Marketing Group is rooted in traditional marketing and understands the value they still offer, while taking advantage of the shift towards today’s digital media options.We take pride and satisfaction in helping our clients understand, sort out and use effectively today’s ever changing internet and digital marketing options.

We recognize that one-size does not fit all when it comes to marketing and that client budgets come in all sizes. By using innovative and creative marketing approaches, our team customizes a plan geared towards helping our clients locate, connect and deliver their target market. From creating an engaging website, to promoting it via best SEO practices, to understanding the continuing value of broadcast…direct mail…print and event marketing, we slice through the gimmicks and present a plan that works…typically with an ROI measurement system in place. However, sheer branding and exposure campaigns are amongst our team’s favorite projects. Brainstorming and problem solving are high on our list of core competencies! Our primary goal is to partner with our clients to increase their brand awareness and top line—sales. Reliable…repeatable….ROI strategies to make businesses more successful right now!

In summary…..We help you do what you do…..better!